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The Wine Cellar The Wine Cellar

A unique selection.

A unique selection.

Marco Martini Restaurant wine cellar is totally based on research and on study. You will not find common or mainstream labels but only original & out of catalogues proposals. The bottles come from small winemakers. Our dynamic wine list is continually changing and each time you will be surprised by new and unexpected proposals.

Our selection is dedicated to lovers of rarities and of wines with a history.

The sommelier

Andrea Farletti, the cellar manager, loves wine but not the labels. He feels more like a researcher than an “expert”. He travels at least three times a month. During his journeys, he visits the cellars, gets to know the winemakers and participates in festivals and in fairs around Italy, France and Spain.

His deep wine knowledge is combined with great listening skills that he particularly uses with customers. The pairings he chooses are based on dialogue; if you let yourself be guided by him in the wine choice it will feel like following him in one of his trips.